What Clients Say

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Daniel Eskin, Co-President
We engaged David to guide our senior leadership team through pivotal strategic discussions in our company.  Our planning was grounded in the Gazelles Scaling Up tools: 7-Strata of Strategy, One-Phrase Strategy, and One Page Strategic Plan.

David’s wealth of knowledge on strategic planning was invaluable to help us piece together loose threads into a cohesive story and vision. We implemented a compelling One-Phrase Strategy that was very well received by our global team, and made significant traction in our strategic planning with David’s guidance.

David’s coaching is instrumental in providing us with a guiding light.




Brian Lepsis, President & CEO
David, as I reflect back on the past seven years that we have been working together, I am amazed at our Company’s growth and stability. In the time since we first engaged you, the Strategic Plans you helped us build (and execute) have resulted in the doubling of our sales while still maintaining the Core Values and DNA our organization has been living for eight-plus decades.

I remain incredibly grateful for the energy and clarity you continue to bring to our growing Team.

With the greatest of gratitude, Brian.


Tom Russo, President
David has created a forever, game changing difference in my business. We now employ the efforts that he wrung out of us in everything we plan, discuss or strive to achieve. This endeavor is probably the biggest single turning point of our 40-year history.

David dug deep into the psyche of our company and clearly understood everything about us. He had the nerve and audacity to direct our internal differences and doubt…and channel them into productive discovery moments. I highly recommend David.


Mark Bergey, President
We contacted David Carter to facilitate our senior management team in developing short-term and long-term strategic plans and an overall future market footprint. Before the first all-day work session, David spent considerable time preparing us by asking insightful questions, making reading recommendations, and ensuring the scope of our work was in line with the company’s vision. He prepared himself by familiarizing himself with both our company and our industry.

The actual work session exceeded the senior management team’s expectations by how clear our strategy became as the day progressed and the level of collective and individual accountability we built into the implementation phase.

We already have David scheduled to work with us to further develop our long-term strategic plan. He is professional and focused with exemplary facilitation skills. We would recommend him without qualification.


Pat Pasquariello, Vice President & Principal
David, as we conclude our current sessions, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your expertise. Your coaching has had a huge affect on how I look at business and on P. Agnes Inc. in general. Perhaps the most beneficial lesson is the concept of working ON my business in lieu of just working IN my business. I was particularly impressed with the number of “Blinding Flashes of the Obvious” that you brought to my attention. There were many things that I found myself saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Much of what you taught me really was extremely obvious and, as I found out, necessary to the success of P. Agnes.

Although I have always set goals, you showed me how to create S.M.A.R.T. goals which are much more meaningful, and have more “teeth”. By setting in motion my reticular activator, I will be able to chart a path for myself and for P. Agnes that will be financially rewarding for years to come. Thank you for all of your efforts in making me a better, more complete businessman. I have found not only a business coach, but also a friend.


Michael Engard, President
David, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks again for all your help with our business, Ragtops & Roadsters. Your insight and knowledge has had a tremendous impact on our bottom line. Income is up, expenses are under control and profits are better then they’ve ever been.

The financial issue is where we started, but your savvy guidance and eager comprehension of our unique business situation has helped us to enable controlled growth that has seen improvements in every facet of the business. Marketing is accurately targeted and we know that we have a competitive edge in our industry. With your help we have created a happier and more productive workplace with employees who are truly engaged and willingly contribute to our combined success. Your assistance and direction during the creation of our Operations Plan and Budget proved invaluable and deeply appreciated.

Most importantly your involvement has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to successfully grow the business to the next level.


Dave Moser, Owner/Photographer
Working with David Carter has provided clarity to say the least. His patience and depth of knowledge in business and growth are invaluable. I am a self-taught businessperson, and after 25 years in business feel that I finally have a strong understanding of not only my business but also the market in which I operate.

Completing his Execution Canvas has provided concrete goals, the navigation to hit these goals, and metrics to monitor my success. This stronger understanding of my numbers has taken much of the anxiety out of my day-to-day experience. The path to my goals and growth are now clear, obtainable and based on reality. After just one month, I am seeing progress.

I now have clear and concise guiding values, strategies and purpose I can articulate. This process will most certainly provide clarity for any business leader.


Robert Girard, President
David has worked very closely with our management team to develop a strategic plan for our global specialty chemical business.  Most importantly he has been critical to ensuring these plans are executed and he holds senior management accountable to making difficult decisions.

Through his efforts and coaching our management team has achieved a rhythm that has allowed us to accomplish the items we identified as critical to achieving our goals.  Our management team is now more cohesive and we are truly focused on the right things and getting them done.