Team Coaching
My Mission Is Simple

I want to help leadership teams effect positive, lasting change and generate growth for themselves and their companies. I connect the dots. I am focused on providing practical, impactful business coaching. I want your company to be worth more than when I walked in the door.

Team Coaching

Business coaching is often a misunderstood and “fuzzy” concept. What is it? What does it look like? How do I know this is for me or my company? How can I judge results? Why are there so many coaches in the marketplace? And the beat goes on ….

Many leaders confuse business coaches with consultants. Believe me, they’re not the same thing. A consultant will come into your business and work with you regarding a single issue in which they have a level of expertise. But that’s not what a business coach is all about.

A business coach examines your whole organization, and “gets under the hood” to see how things run. A business coach will focus on pragmatic steps to take, provide you tools to make needed changes, and coach you in the implementing those actions.

Revive your strategy, improve organization, identify marketing needs, and boost the overall performance of your business. 

Is It For You?

YOU are the owner, CEO or leader of an innovative, growth focused, hardworking company wanting faster, better results. But something keeps getting in the way. You are looking for these outcomes: Triple your industry average profitability. Increase valuation of your company. Double your current rate of cash flow. Your employees, customers and shareholders enjoy the climb.

Advisory Board

What To Expect

It all begins with understanding. Understanding your direction. Understanding your strengths. Understanding your industry. Understanding your goals. This understanding enables me to craft customized solutions to fit you.

Due Diligence. We conduct due diligence to learn about your goals and motivations, your company and the leadership team.

Private Workshop. An initial Private Workshop will be conducted with you and your leadership team. At this initial workshop we will construct a one-page plan for the organization.

Quarterly Leadership Rhythm. Learning, Review & Planning Sessions will be held each quarter coinciding with your organization’s fiscal year to prioritize and plan the (successful) next quarter.

Monthly Coaching Calls. In the months between the quarterly meetings we will have Monthly “Executive Coaching Calls”.

Checkups/Assessments. Every six months, the entire leadership team will complete an online assessment to establish the current organizational health.

Continual Learning. Continuous learning is at the heart of everything we do. Leadership teams will commit to quarterly leadership and growth education.

Introductory Coaching Call

Take 30 minutes to get clear about where you’d like to take your business and what might be standing in your way. Speak with me on a video conference call or regular phone call.

During our Discovery Call you will have the opportunity to: Zero in on where you want your business to be three years from now. Identify the most important obstacles in the way of achieving your goals.  Determine the next steps to take—your plan and path.

All the best