“THE” Ultimate Checklist

Develop a culture of disciplined execution

    The Rockefeller Habits Checklist

    This Checklist provides the ten most important functions of everyday business that should be on automatic pilot in order for your business to run predictably and consistently. Once in place your executive team is confident that the business can operate without their need to be involved in day-to-day operations.

    It means your executive team is able to invest more time developing strategic focus. More time is spent on future growth.

    DOWNLOAD NOW! Then read below for guidelines on how to implement your checklist.

    How To Implement Your Rockefeller Habits Checklist

    Who Should use These Habits?

    This isn’t a one-time thing but a process that will make your journey easier. As your company scales up, you can continue to refresh the habits.

    By all means, these habits aren’t the only way to build a long-lasting organization.

    However, if your business has been wasting massive amounts of money and time; or has a great strategy but your team must work 18-hour days to make up for sloppy execution and lack of discipline; then this execution list is for your organization.

    Follow the implementation guidelines and see the difference that it will make. Let me know when it starts working!

    While the habits are listed in no particular order and you can start with whichever you want, we give our clients ONE RULE —they must start with Rockefeller Habit #1: The executive team is healthy and aligned.

    It is near impossible to implement any of the other habits without checking off Habit #1 first. Once that is realized and your team is ready to go (i.e. they can fight without killing each other), pick one or two habits each quarter and work on those.

    Start with the habits that will have the most immediate benefits, and over the next 24 to 36 months you will be able to get through all 10 habits. Outside of Rockefeller Habit #1, the order is up to you.

    Where Does Your Company Stand?

    As you can see, the formula is actually simple.

    • Make sure everyone feels safe and free to participate
    • Get your priorities straight
    • Gather data
    • And make sure everyone and everything works like a well-oiled machine.

    Knowing the formula is the easy part; successfully implementing the formula is where things get tricky. Throw in a large organization with many different people and parts and things can get out of hand. That’s where these habits come in. It is the rudder that will help you steer the company’s ship to scaling up.

    If you have not already, download the checklist above and take a few minutes to go through it. How many of these habits can you check off? Don’t worry too much if you can’t check too many, or any at all. Most companies I have worked with, initially couldn’t either. What’s important is that you start now.

    Contact me to discuss further how to implement the Rockefeller Habits in your company.

    All the best