David Paul Carter

I am the founder and principal of David Paul Carter LLC, an innovative business coaching company. My leadership experience spans a successful international business career. I have held senior positions with the Thomson Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, Ziff-Davis, HQ, and in healthcare. I have transformed this extensive expertise into consulting and coaching Owners and Leadership Teams seeking to improve their business profitability, performance and value. I started consulting and coaching over 18 years ago with one radical focus:

Helping passionate companies and leaders remove constraints, effect change and generate growth.

I have lived and worked in the US, New Zealand and Europe, serving on leadership teams in the capacity of publisher, vice president of business planning and corporate communications, vice president strategic alliances, market development director, personnel director and assistant hospital administrator. These experiences create a unique bond with my client teams in understanding the daily challenges and opportunities they face as leaders.

Clients. Owners, CEO’s and leadership teams who just know deep in their heart of hearts that “it cannot keep on going like this!”

Removing Constraints. Implementing the Scaling Up growth system; In- creasing leadership effectiveness; Setting truly differentiated strategy; Reviewing and updating your business model; Developing your two-page strategic plan.

Client Deliverables. Reduce CEO/Team management time by 80%; Realignment to drive execution and results; Triple your industry average profitability; Increase company valuation re: competitors.

Education. Arts and Business Council of Philadelphia “Business on Board” program; Strategic Marketing Management Certificate, Cranfield School of Management, UK ; Advanced Leadership Training, U.S.A.F. Squadron Officers’ School; MBA and BS, Louisiana State University.

My Professional Profile

Real World Experience, Innovation and Passion. My guidance is grounded in real-world experience. Few coaches bring a multifaceted background to your table incorporating deep experience in business consulting, entrepreneurial business ownership, senior corporate management, and international business markets, with all the successes and setbacks along the way. Download my Professional Profile here.

Truth and integrity. I don’t waste time or mince words, use management jargon or popular fads. I focus on finding the truth and coming up with innovative strategies and optimized action plans. I tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Next Level Perspective. I work only with a handful of clients, giving them a high level of attention and access. This enables me to take the CEO and leadership team to the next level.

Approach. Most importantly, my mission is completely focused on you and not bound to any one program, philosophy or set of ideas. This is especially effective for business leaders seeking scalable business growth AND more personal freedom.

Gazelles Scaling Up. I incorporate unique processes from the Gazelles growth method, Scaling Up. Scaling Up focuses on helping executive teams make the right choices when it comes to Four Decisions: People,Strategy, Execution and Cash.

Next Steps. At the end of the day, my client’s results and success are the only things that really matter! Book A Call for a complimentary 2-hour business assessment.

PODCAST - BRAND Leadership

My Story, Brand and Philosophy

Now more than ever, we need to achieve clarity on how customers view our businesses, relate to our brands and endeavor to maintain “First Choice!”

Hear me speak below about my background, story and coaching philosophy.

Join Gil Hanson and me as we discuss these topis on his Be Your Best Podcast. Gil is the creator of the Hanson Design Group and Design Personal Brand. All the best, David

  • Start    Podcaster Gill Hanson introduction
  • 1:57     Gill Hanson introduces my background
  • 2:30     My personal story
  • 6:00     My philosophy and empowering change
  • 10:00   Elements of my personal brand
  • 15:00   People who have influenced my life and career
  • 19:00   Brand focus and COVID-19
  • 21:15   What makes me be my best?