Strategic Thinking

The Execution Canvas™ is a pragmatic 2-page business planning tool that you can complete and deploy rapidly to scale your business more profitably. Its implementation is simple. It will help Owners, CEOs, leadership teams, and companies overall be aligned, relevant, and timely.

But you may ask are business plans really dead? Do you really need one? Recently I have experienced a wave of blogs, news articles, pundits, entrepreneurs and business executives saying that business plans are not necessary for fast-growing companies.

What supersedes all this discussion on relevance of business plans is the need for quality strategic thinking. Whether it is during a retreat, management meeting, Board meeting or in the hallway–strategic thinking develops clarity for your company:

  • How your customer is changing.
  • Where your profit zone is moving.
  • Your best-fit business model.
  • How to be successful.

Action Planning

This clarity is your Prime Directive leading to action planning–whether you call it a business plan, roadmap, blueprint, or whatever.

At the end of the day strategic thinking, action planning, and “who-what-when” are clearly determined, communicated, and executed in any successful company. That’s what the Execution Canvas™ is all about!

  • Reduce risk
  • Generate solutions and approaches
  • Capture the mindsets of your customers
  • Paint a picture of your opportunities
  • Generate practical results.

When implemented it will drive all your actions to reduce management time by 75%, realign to drive execution and increase your company valuation relative to competitors.

Who is the Canvas for?

  • Small/Start Up phase (1-10 employees)
  • Grow Up phase (11-50 employees)
  • Scale Up phase (51-200 employees)

The Execution Canvas™ was developed over the past 10+ years in a fantastic collaborative effort between my clients and their unique perspectives, my experience with colleagues, thought leader experts, and just plain good fortune!

Is the Execution Canvas™ a right fit for you?  I invite you to click and read the Execution Canvas Handbook PREVIEW and examples.  Check out the Canvas design.


Move your company forward with The Execution Canvas™ – linking strategy with flawless execution. I look forward to helping you grow your business! Join the Execution Canvas™ Circle membership today!