David Paul Carter

My Focus: TO EMPOWER CHANGE. Helping passionate companies and leaders remove constraints, effect change and generate growth.

Leonardo da Vinci (famous Italian Renaissance inventor and creator) said: “Learn how to see.  Realize that everything connects to everything else.”  This concept drives my passion for change in business and in life.  It drives my focus on clarity.  I believe that clarity drives everything in your business. So, my mantra is FIND THE CLARITY.

I am the founder and principal of David Paul Carter LLC, an innovative business coaching company. My leadership experience spans a successful international business career.  I have held senior positions with the Thomson Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, Ziff-Davis, HQ, and in healthcare. I have transformed this extensive expertise into consulting and coaching Owners and Leadership Teams seeking to improve their business profitability, performance and value.

I have lived and worked in the US, New Zealand and Europe, serving on leadership teams in the capacity of publisher, vice president of business planning and corporate communications, vice president strategic alliances, market development director, personnel director and assistant hospital administrator. These experiences create a unique bond with my client teams in understanding the daily challenges and opportunities they face as leaders.

Business Coaching. I help privately held and family managed firms grow. I believe that growth comes through CLARITY. It is a game changer that drives success for businesses and individuals alike. Clarity drives faster, better decisions – a key success factor. My passion is to have your company be worth more than when I entered!

Clients.  Owners, CEO’s and leadership teams who just know deep in their heart of hearts that “it cannot keep on going like this!”

Removing Constraints.  Implementing the Scaling Up growth system; Increasing leadership effectiveness; Setting truly differentiated strategy; Reviewing and updating your business model; Developing your two-page strategic plan.

Client Deliverables.  Reduce CEO/Team management time by 75%; Realignment to drive execution and results; Triple your industry average profitability; Increase company valuation re: competitors.

Education.  Arts and Business Council of Philadelphia “Business on Board” program; Strategic Marketing Management Certificate, Cranfield School of Management, UK; Advanced Leadership Training, U.S.A.F. Squadron Officers’ School; MBA and BS, Louisiana State University.

The true scarcity in business today isn’t knowledge or different growth options or even good intention.


Enso Circle

THE ENSO CIRCLE in my logo is characterized by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics. It symbolizes strength, absolute enlightenment, elegance and one-mindedness. It also represents the spirit of harmonious cooperation, personal development and refinement of character.