The New Rules of Marketing & PR

David Meerman Scott nails fundamental shifts in the buyer-seller relationship.

A major growth challenge for companies today continues to be the profound transformation in customer behaviorhow people buy in today’s virtual/online sphere.  Today’s buyers are enabled by the Internet, empowered by the enormous choice in every market, and possess the ability to compare real-time competitive prices. They have, in essence, taken control of the purchase process.

The traditional (old) tactics for companies to get noticed have been: 1) buy expensive advertising, 2) get the mainstream media to tell your story for you, or 3) hire a sales staff to interrupt and tell people individually about your products.  But now, with innumerable opportunities to market and promote yourself online, how can you keep your product or service from getting lost in the digital clutter?

Game Changer – New Rules

Enter David Meerman Scott!  I first heard David speak at a Gazelles conference several years ago.  He is an evangelist (for lack of a better word), thought leader and guru on virtual/online marketing and PR.  He has just published his 8th edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR.  One of his keys to success (and to standing out) is to think more like a journalist and publish awesome content that will build trust and affinity for your brand.

Also, according to his website: “The latest edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR has been completely revised and updated to present the most innovative methods and cost-effective strategies. The most comprehensive update yet shows you details about the pros and cons of AI and machine learning to automate routine tasks. Your life is already AI-assisted. Your marketing should be too, but there are challenges to be aware of.”

New Rules YouTube Interview

Here is a YouTube interview of David Meerman Scott by a friend of mine and podcaster Brad Powell (it is about 25 minutes, but worth it. You can also jump around to areas that resonate with you). My key takeaways:

  • The old rules of marketing that haven’t changed in the past 15 years.
  • Newsjacking – a word invented by David – and why it could be the most effective way to reach a wider audience.
  • How the new rules are all about taking charge of your messaging and publishing content your audience looks forward to.
  • Marketing lessons from the Grateful Dead that are still working today!

I am a true fan of David and have followed his insights for some time. I highly recommend this read.  Contact me to discuss these principles for your company.

All the best

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Here is a great 15 minute video on David’s speaking events and his key principles of of “Real Time Focus” and “You are what you publish.” Both are key components of the The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

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