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How Can I Find Employees Today?

Millions are unemployed. Why can’t companies find workers?

All business segments have been affected – from hospitality, to retail, logistics, business-to-business, transportation, and the list of industries goes on.  Businesses large and small are finding recruiting an increasingly difficult undertaking in today’s environment. “The NFIB reports that 46% of small business owners have job openings they cannot fill even while raising pay.”

This shortage threatens to curb what has been shaping up to be a pandemic economic recovery. Yes, there are a multitude of reasons for this.  But my focus today is to lay out a few simple but effective ways to approach this problem.

Food for thought

Leverage social media outlets (in addition to Indeed or Linked-In) to find staff.  Chipotle, Target and Shopify are using TikTok Resumes, a pilot program that lets job candidates submit video resumes on the social platform. The recruitment tool is yet another way for companies to connect with potential employees as the talent war rages on. Check out this article on CNBC. 

Take a serious look to increasing your benefits.  Besides the usual cast of characters, there are also life-changing perks that can be the difference between whether workers stay engaged at a job or whether they start hunting for a better opportunity.  Here are some of those “overlooked, transformative benefits” more companies could be offering as reported in the HuffPost: Expanded Benefits For Caregivers, Paid Leave And Disability Benefits For People With Long COVID, Family-Building Benefits, Student Loan Repayment Assistance.

Other possibilities from my coaching colleagues

  • Provide flexibility on certain positions that can work remotely.  Remote work will most likely be with us for another year at least.
  • Use hiring recruiters for Critical positions.
  • Leverage Executive Networking – task your leadership team to see who they know. You just might be surprised!
  • Create an internal recruiting position in your company.
  • Produce webinar-based job fairs to reach more prospects.
  • Recruit even if there are no open positions –  a good Mantra is always be recruiting!

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, any one of these possibilities may yield great results for your business.  The key is persistence and always looking for different perspectivesContact me to discuss how these options may fit with your company.

All the best

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