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15 Surprising Things Ultra Productive People Do Differently

Productivity. How to do more with less. Timeless topics. Back by popular demand – here is a reissue of one of my most viewed articles. Which one or two things will you adopt for 2021?

This is a great read! Kevin Kruse, a NY Times author and entrepreneur, conducted an interview with ultra-productive people including billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and successful entrepreneurs. He asked a simple, open-ended question, “What is your number one secret to productivity?

He distilled the answers into 15 ideas.  Some are surprising, some not.  But put them all together and they can really help you accomplish what you want.

Two of my favorites are #6-They Use a Notebook, and #15-They don’t think about time; they focus on energy.  What are yours?

I recommend that you read the entire article in Forbes.

15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently

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