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The Question: BRAND, what does this mean to you? We are “social distancing,” talking on screens, using social media, and gaining new social awareness.  Where do you see Branding as it relates to people like you and me play a role and being a benefit today?

Today’s Environment: In addition to COVID-19, we have experienced a profound transformation in customer behavior.  They are empowered by the Internet and assured by the enormous Brand choices in every market segment. They are more fully informed about the products and services they want to buy and are armed with comparative data about quality, availability, and price. 

The Solution: Now more than ever, we need to achieve clarity on how customers view our businesses, relate to our brands and endeavor to maintain “First Choice!”

My Perspective:  “Brand” is what people think of when they hear a brand name and associate as their preference or not.  It’s everything a person thinks they know about that brand offering—as factual, perceived value and emotional. A brand name and image exist objectively; people can see it and relate to it – and make it their preferred choice.

Be Your Best Podcast

Join Gil Hanson and me as we discuss branding from my perspective as a business coach in today’s environment.  Gil Hanson, the creator of the Hanson Design Group and Design Personal Brand, is a global brand strategist and creative director who works with business leaders to help discover and drive brand engagement.

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Be You Best Podcast - David Paul Carter
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