Looking for a Quick Fix for Dysfunctional Teams?

Looking for a Quick Fix for Dysfunctional Teams?

Dysfunctional teams are a way to leave money on the table – and more than you might imagine. Such teams find it difficult to agree and reliably follow through. Too many members are more focused on their issues (the I’s) and not a team player. With too many I’s on a leadership team, there is no room for We’s.

Patrick Lencioni is only one of many thought leaders who advise us that teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that has been largely untapped. In my experience as a business coach, I agree. I can say emphatically that teamwork is usually lacking in companies that fail. It is almost always present in those that succeed.

Developing more We’s

The key to increasing your ratio of We’s to I’s is focus on commitment. Great teams practice intense debate on key decisions and endeavor to have all points of view expressed. And, once a decision is made, team members commit to it. They replace their “functional hats” and put on their “company hats” (the We’s). This will make an impact, achieve results, realize profits, and take some of that money off that table.

The Fix

What galvanizes your teams to overcome adversity and succeed long-term isn’t the plethora of team-building advice from some academia, internet “stuff” and “gurus” I see so much today. It is these five pragmatic keystones to great team DNA.

It may or may not be a quick fix, but here is Clarity on what makes a great team:

  1. Belief in a common vision
  2. Motivation and commitment to achieve a common goal
  3. Resolve to beat a common enemy
  4. Leadership instills belief that the team can do great things
  5. Leadership constantly focuses the team on “mission”

As goes your leadership team – so goes the rest of your company.

Take time to consider and Act!  Contact me today to discuss your one sustainable competitive advantage.

All the best

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