Is It Time To Rethink Your Business Model?

The Single Greatest Predictor of Your Productivity

Why do I have a problem with productivity? OR How can I improve productivity in my company to achieve greater results? These are recent questions from several of my clients.

And, in fact, I have been asking the same questions about my practice and me! So, I want to focus my introspection on how both your company and my practice can benefit.

New Perspective

What’s changed the most recently on how I approach productivity is my perspective of what it means.

According to Wikipedia, “When there is productivity growth, the existing commitment of resources generates more output and income.” In other words, greater productivity yields greater scaling or expansion without increasing resources.

To a certain degree, your employees can influence how productive they are. They can figure out different behavior hacks and scour their work for shortcuts.
But to a much larger extent, the big mission (BHAG or Vision) you’ve dedicated your company to, without doubt, impacts how and how much your employees work. Most of all, it changes how much they want to work.

The strength of your vision is the single greatest predictor of your productivity.

What I’ve learned about productivity in the past several years is that it’s mostly a consequence of the choices you make for your company focus and mindset. The one thing that should drive those choices is your company vision, your big dream, your future that you barely dare to imagine.

Your vision can/will trickle down into every company behavior. First in goals, then in themes, but it’ll sink in deeper day by day. Your vision not only shapes how your company does things, but who you are; who you’ll become. The company you were meant to be.

Vision is a brilliant word. It contains two concepts: what you can imagine and what you can see. If you’re really honest with yourself about what kind of focus you want, no matter how outrageous it may sound, you get a clear image of your dream company.

Maybe for the first time!

Questions to ask at you next Leadership Team meeting
  • Do you have clarity on your company’s vision (Jim Collins’ BHAG)?
  • Does everyone in your company know and embrace your vision?
  • Does your vision drive faster, better decisions?

Contact me to discuss productivity in your company.

All the best

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