Why Should AI Matter to You?

Why Should AI Matter to You?

Artificial Intelligence – stuff that science fiction is made of! Or NOT. We hear, see and read so much about how AI will steal jobs, steal our meaning, and possible take over most functions. This is fiction, not reality today. AI has great potential in many disciplines. What about your business?

Why Should AI Matter to You?

Recent developments in AI are about lowering the cost of prediction – making prediction better, faster, and cheaper. You can more easily predict the future (What’s the weather going to be like next week?), but you can also predict the present (what is the English translation of this Spanish website?).

“Prediction is about using information you have to generate information you don’t have. Anywhere you have lots of information (data) and want to filter, squeeze, or sort it into insights that will facilitate decision making, prediction will help get that done. And now machines can do it.”

Avi Goldfarb, co-author of Prediction Machines, took our Scale Up Summit attendees last week through his AI Canvas – a one-page tool for thinking through how to practically use machine learning in your business.

The AI Canvas by Avi Goldfard

This HBR article takes you through the AI Canvas using a real-world example. Please take two minutes to read then set aside 90 minutes with your team to think through your next AI application (next planning session?).

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