Can Zero Based Thinking Grow Your Business?

Can Zero Based Thinking Grow Your Business?

Our world has changed a LOT in the last several years. And, as we continue to see positive growth in many parts of our economy, consider this. Has your company changed more or less than the environment you operate in?

If the economy is 30% different today than 3 years ago, but your company has only changed by 10%, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that you are in the process of being left behind. Conversely, if the economy you operate in has changed by 30%, but your company has changed by 40%, that’s an entirely different story.

Adapt or Die

The message here is Adapt or Die. One central key to adapting in today’s environment is Zero Based Thinking.

Zero Based Thinking asks: “Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently, start, or eliminate in your life (or business)?” This principal comes from Brian Tracy, CEO of Brian Tracy International.

Ask this question to help address your issues about business strategy, employees, new business ventures, existing relationships, and existing customer groups.

The Answers Have Changed

Here is a story from a Brian Tracy blog to illustrate this principal.

Albert Einstein was teaching at Princeton University and had just administered an exam to an advanced class of physics students. On the way back to his office, the teaching assistant carrying the exams asked him, “Dr. Einstein, wasn’t this the same exam you gave to this same class last year?”

Dr. Einstein responded, “Yes, it was.”

The teaching assistant then asked, “But Dr. Einstein, how could you give the same exam to the same class two years in a row?”

Einstein replied simply, “The answers have changed.”

At that time, in the world of physics, with new breakthroughs and new discoveries, the answers were changing at such a rapid rate that the same exam could be given two years in a row and have different answers.

How does this relate to you? The answers in your own life and business are changing more rapidly today than ever before. If someone were to ask, “What was your biggest problem or goal a year ago?” you probably wouldn’t even know the answer. The answers have changed so completely.

One characteristic of many successful people is that they are intensely future-oriented. They refuse to dwell on what has happened and things that cannot be changed. Instead they focus on factors that are under their control and actions they can take to create the kind of future they desire.

Now is the time to focus on how you will adapt your company. The answers and the environment have changed. Use Zero Based Thinking to ask yourself: “Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently, start, or eliminate in your life (or business)?” Start with a fresh slate. The past does not equal the future. Begin to create your future the way you want it to be.

Contact me to explore what answers have changed in your business.  Start Zero Based Thinking and adapting your organization!

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