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Personal Success Indicators for 2016

As you move into a new year with your leadership team, have you thought about what makes some people more successful than others? This has been top of mind for me recently. I have written about getting the right people, but not with the perspective of success attributes.

Here is an amazing and very perceptive infographic by MaryEllen Tribby on this very question (yes, from 2012, but still right on). She presents a list of attributes of successful and unsuccessful people. It seems to boil down to one thing…successful people ‘get it!’

What do you think of the list of attributes of successful and unsuccessful people? Accurate? Inaccurate? Do you see anything missing from one side or the other? Please let us hear your comments below.

Where are you on the indicator? As you look on the unsuccessful side, anything that makes you cringe and say, “Oh no! That’s me. I need to focus on that?” Anything on the successful side that jumps out at you as an area where you want to grow?

None of us is perfect. But success will follow as long as we recognize and identify where we want to improve and continually do our best to get there.

Contact me for help on improving your success indicators.

Successful People
Have a sense of gratitude
Forgive others
Accept responsibility for their failures
Read everyday
Keep a journal
Talk about ideas
Want others to succeed
Share information and data
Keep a “to-be” list
Exude joy
Keep a “to-do/project” list
Set goals and develop life plans
Embrace change
Give other people credit for their victories
Operate from a transformational perspective

Unsuccessful People
Have a sense of entitlement
Hold a grudge
Blame others for their failures
Watch TV everyday
Say they keep a journal but really don’t
Talk about people
Secretly hope others fail
Horde information and data
Don’t know what they want to be
Exude anger
Fly by their seat of their pants
Never set goals
Think they know it all
Fear change
Take all the credit of their victories
Operate from a transactional perspective

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