Increase Your Ratio of We’s to I’s

Would you enthusiastically REHIRE Everyone?

Building a Unified Leadership Team is the “prime directive” for success in any business endeavor. You remember “prime directive” don’t you? It was the Star Trek crew’s one rule or action to follow irrespective of the world they explored.  Their prime directive was “never interfere with the natural evolution of any planet or civilization.”

Star Trek Captain’s already had a team, with skills and teamwork honed by training, years of experience and military rules of leadership. What about you? If you don’t already have a team –and even if you do – your prime directive is to “build a leadership team that is qualified and that is committed to act in a functional, cohesive way.”

Patrick Lencioni is only one of many thought leaders who advise us that teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that has been largely untapped. In my experience as a consultant, advisor and business coach, I agree. I can say emphatically that leadership and teamwork is usually lacking in companies that fail. It is almost always present in those that succeed.

Teams come in many sizes and shapes. Some are public corporations. Others are departments, privately held companies, start-ups and social sector organizations. If those responsible for leading the team are dysfunctional, that dysfunction will cascade into the rest of the organization.

Dysfunctional teams are a way to leave money on the table – and more than you might imagine. They find it difficult to agree and reliably follow through. Too many members are more focused on their issues (the I’s) and not a team player. With too many I’s on a leadership team, there is no room for We’s.

Developing more We’s. 
The key to increasing your ratio of We’s to I’s is focus on commitment. Great teams practice intense debate on key decisions and endeavor to have all points of view expressed. And, once a decision is made, team members commit to it. They replace their “functional hats” and put on their “company hats” (the We’s). This will make an impact, achieve results, realize profits, and take some of that money off the table.

As goes your leadership team – so goes the rest of your company.

Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it. – Brian Tracy

Take Time to Consider and Act …
Your checklist for Building a Unified Leadership Team.  Does your leadership team:

  • Fully understand each other’s differences, drivers and styles?
  • Meet offsite regularly for critical thinking, planning and renewal?
  • Have fun together?
  • Have Clarity and Buy-In on what they have committed to?
  • Maintain awareness of their ratio of We’s to I’s?

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