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The 85 Most Disruptive Ideas in Our History

The 85 Most Disruptive Ideas in Our History

“Comparing the importance of television to the impact of the Laffer Curve or Google to the AK-47 isn’t meant to yield scientific results. It’s meant to start some interesting arguments and remind us how dramatically business can change society.”

The editors of Bloomberg Businessweek have chronicled their version of the 85 most disruptive ideas in history in honor of their 85th publishing anniversary.

We can debate the definition of “disruption” perhaps, but this list stimulates reflection on a lifetime of innovations. And they have gone thru the effort of ranking these 85 disruptions with a countdown to their overall world-changing champion.

Their number one pick for the most disruptive idea may surprise you.  But read the story behind its selection to understand.  Many of the selections have great stories behind them.

I highly recommend you take a few minutes and read this list. Not only is it a journey down memory lane, it’s very thought provoking. Please comment on your opinions!

And I wish you and your families a great holiday season. See you in the New Year!

All the best

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