Can Your Company Jump These Hurdles To Grow?
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Can Your Company Jump These Hurdles To Grow?

Professor Roure is an IESE Faculty, Stanford educated, and Founder of Angel Investor Network in Spain. His research and experience has focused on 7 Key Hurdles that growth companies must overcome to be successful and to grow.  You can use this list as the basis for a thought provoking exercise for your leadership team.

Here are his 7 Key Hurdles:

1. Lack of Entrepreneurial Ambition to grow
2. Lack of focus and selectiveness in regard to new opportunities (chasing too many of them)
3. Lack of systematic screening process for new opportunities
4. Lack of growth driven approach (attitude) to funding
5. Lack of a superior management team
6. Lack of an effective governance system (oversight)
7. Lack of flexible approach to implementing new growth options and ownership structures

Place this list in front of your leadership team and have them individually score each item for your company (1-10 scale). Then share and discuss the results as a team. This can be a powerful tool to help clarify your focus and stimulate decisions for your growth.

Contact me for more information on these concepts and to discover how you can FOCUS on the key opportunities in your business.

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