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7 Deadly Sins of Googling

How much do you “Google” every day? Think about it. Google is an incredible resource from business to the most personal (or Yahoo, sure, or Bing, but come on—you use Google). With such great influence comes great responsibility, and often Google leads us astray.

New York magazine wrote that resisting from Googling a potential date is “the new abstinence.” Here are Fortune’s seven deadly sins that come along with relying too much on the Google-Force. I am guilty of sins # 2 and #4. How about you?

1. Greed. When your thirst for knowledge leads to errors.
2. Gluttony. When you gather too much information.
3. Lust. When researching a romantic interest gets creepy.
4. Sloth. When you lazily rely on the opinions of others.
5. Wrath. When you tamper with Google results.
6. Envy. When you’re jealous of someone else’s Google results.
7. Pride. When you expect other people to have Googled you.

This Fortune article is well worth a read. Can you mind your sins? Go forth and Google, sparingly.

Fortune article by Shalene Gupta, Jake Turtel

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