7 Keys to Building a Brand

Great branding is not about getting people to think well about you – it is about getting people to think well about themselves.

This is a powerful concept, and is the mantra of Bruce Turkel, founder and CEO of Turkel Brands, a full-service, multicultural brand management firm located in Miami, Florida. When people think about your brand does it equate to making them feel better about themselves or their companies?

Here are Turkel’s 7 steps for building a brand.

  1. All About Them
  2. Hearts Then Minds
  3. Make It Simple
  4. Make It Quick
  5. Make It Yours
  6. All Five Senses
  7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

This is a great list to discuss at your next marketing or leadership team meeting.  How do you rank your branding to this list?  Here is a link for more details for each step.


Rockefeller Habits

What drives companies to success?

This checklist provides the ten most important functions of everyday business that should be on automatic pilot in order for your business to run predictably and consistently. Once in place your executive team is confident that the business can operate without their need to be involved in day-to-day operations.


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