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Hi! I’m David Paul Carter. “Realize that everything connects to everything else.” This concept drives my belief that clarity is essential to success. Find Your Clarity. To start, subscribe to The Carter Reports blog. Get access to what’s working in business right now.

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    We are an innovative internet company serving entrepreneurial businesses and leaders. We focus on business coaching, personal development, publishing, and media development.

    Straight Talk.  Coaching is often a misunderstood and “fuzzy” concept. What is it? What does it look like? So why have so many already successful companies and people turned to working with a business coach?  Because – no matter how talented and powerful they may seem, no one finds true success alone.

    David Paul Carter, The Clarity Guy
    David Paul Carter, The Clarity Guy™

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    The Execution Canvas™

    There is a plethora of business planning and strategy tools. At the end of the day, the primary factor for success is “FIT.” Which tool has the best fit for you, your leadership team and your company?

    The Plan, The Plan, The Plan

    The Execution Canvas™ is a pragmatic 2-page business planning tool that you can complete and deploy rapidly to scale your business more profitably. Its implementation is simple. It will help Owners, CEOs, leadership teams, and companies overall be aligned, relevant, and timely.

    The Execution Canvas™ is the product of collaboration between myself and my clients. It has developed and morphed into a solid tool to scale your company!

    Execution Canvas Implementation Guide PREVIEW

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