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Does Your Team Suffer From ‘Connectile Dysfunction’?

Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, states, “Teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that has largely been untapped.” From departmental teams to your leadership team, teamwork defines and determines the success of your company. I always keep an eye out for different perspectives and points of view on identifying, assembling, and leading teams that achieve success. Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute and creator of Teamability® offers a new lens to teamwork. She asks if your team suffers from “connectile dysfunction” when the way in which people connect with each other lacks sufficient respect, trust, and faith in the team vision. Read on to learn her perspective and approach to better teamwork …

Upcoming War for Talent, Are You Ready?

Confidence in our economy is growing. Companies are hiring again. And many qualified people are now beginning to search for new opportunities. We are experiencing a situation that we have not seen since 2007 – 2008, a battle over talented people. Although unemployment is still hovering around 6%, there are a tremendous number of good paying positions at good companies that have gone unfilled for lack of quality candidates. The job market is becoming a sellers’ market! So how will you win the war on talent? Dave Baney, CEO of 55 Questions LLC and a certified Gazelles coach has some great advice …

Forget About Answers and Focus on the Right Questions!

One of the areas that prevents many of us from achieving the results we are capable of is that we obsess about getting better answers – but spend almost no time on asking better questions. In other words, if you want to solve your problems and create a new growth path in your life and business, one of the first steps is to quit obsessing about the result you want. Instead focus on improving the quality of the questions you are asking yourself and others.

38 Maps That Explain the Global Economy

Commerce knits the modern world together in a way that nothing else quite does. Almost anything you own these days is the result of a complicated web of global interactions. And there’s no better way to depict those interactions and the social and political circumstances that give rise to them than with a map. Here are 38 maps that illustrate the major economic themes facing the world today. Some of them focus on the big picture while others illustrate finer details. The overall portrait that emerges is of a world that’s more closely linked than ever before, but still driven by enormous geography-driven differences.

How Asking for Help Actually Helps You

Successful people ask for help. You might think it makes you look weak or not smart enough, but the most successful people rely on others to do their jobs better. And many people seem hardwired not to ask for help. This Fortune Article by Camille Preston outlines 8 guidelines for seeking assistance. Scan these 8 ideas and pick two to implement immediately. Jim Collins says, whenever you face an opportunity or challenge, your first question should always be a “who” question (not why!) — “who knows more than me and my team that can help?”


Trust Your Own Focus Group of One

What is a major distinguishing factor for most successful business leaders today? I truly believe it is an absolute faith in themselves. Whatever the odds, no matter how many critics, they trust their gut and break through. I am sure they all have internal doubt and often ask am I smoking dope, can it be done? After all they are human just like us. And yet, they hold onto their dreams until they became reality.

OK. OK. So new unconventional ideas, new execution techniques, or new approaches are nearly always flawed. Every game-changing breakthrough begins with just a tiny chance of success. But you’ll never know if you don’t persist.

Until you trust your own focus group of one and tell your critics to (**expletive deleted**), you’ll never know if you were onto something big and you were the only one who had the vision to see it. Think about these examples …


Four Questions Worth Answering

Seth Godin writes about the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. He is well known and often controversial. One of his blog posts is absolutely on the money about knowing your customers. Some of my clients have been re-thinking who their “right customer” is. This is a simple concept, but often not an easy conversation. And, it is crucial to making faster and better decisions. Start with the answers to these questions at your next leadership team meeting before you spend any time on strategy, tactics, technology or scalability.


7 Tips to Boost Sales in August

Our guest columnist Caryn Kopp asks why waste the month of August cleaning your office? Make the most of your Summer by seizing new business opportunities while your competition plays miniature golf! Most business owners and salespeople assume making calls in August is pointless because decision makers are on vacation. While it’s true that most people do vacation in August, I don’t know anyone who goes away for 4 weeks straight! What does this mean for you? It means people are at their desks, often in good moods and are more likely to pick up their phones to speak with you. Seize this valuable opportunity and boost your business by following these 7 Key Strategies in August.