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7 Employees You Should Fire Now

What is one of the toughest decisions you, as an owner and leader, have to make? In my experience, it is when you must fire an executive or leadership team member. Often, they are very effective and talented but simply unmanageable, or so divisive that they are more trouble than they are worth. There are more or less seven kinds of people you simply have to get rid of. No ifs ands or buts, and sooner rather than later. Here are those magnificent seven …

Dilbert on Systems vs. Goals

Scott Adams, creator of the infamous cartoon character Dilbert, explores the difference between goals and systems in his new book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life.” Example: Losing 10 pounds is a goal – learning to eat right is a system. And Adams contends that systems ALWAYS trump goals. Here is a link to his blog, where Adams digs into the difference between a goal and a system (i.e. working out 3 to 4 times per week is a goal – not a system). This is exactly why your processes and systems, meeting rhythms, and dashboards help you achieve your goals.

Are You Ready To Start Strong in 2015?

Planning season is in full swing. Successful companies are creating their roadmap for 2015. I have observed over and over again that the difference in our success or failure is not chance, but choice. Whatever the challenge or adversity, it’s not what happens that will determine our destiny; it’s how we react to what happens.

That’s what Start Strong is all about! When you combine “start” and “strong” you create a powerful platform for action that can be the driving force in all that you do. Use these actions to reinforce, encourage, and motivate you and your team to move forward and Start Strong in 2015 …

Fill Your Pipeline in December

Why spend the last two weeks of December cleaning out files when you could be filling next year’s pipeline with new business? Most business owners and salespeople believe that trying to reach prospects at year-end is pointless and instead spend time getting organized for the coming year. In doing this, they miss out on one of the best times of the year to reach decision makers live. Here’s what we’ve learned about prospecting in December…

Successful Leaders Master These 7 Decisions of Strategy

In today’s environment, good execution and good operations aren’t enough. You may manage the day-to-day profitably and solve problems as they happen. But many companies often stagnate. Competition becomes stronger and clarity on differentiation becomes fuzzy. Simply put many companies lack a clear strategy.

Verne Harnish helps entrepreneurs and leaders address their strategy issue in his new book, Scaling Up. Harnish provides a new comprehensive tool called the 7 Strata of Strategy that helps define a decision framework to dominate your industry. Here are seven key decisions to develop your strategy.

Are You Drunk with Possibilities?

Since you don’t want to miss the boat, do you become drunk with all the possibilities as our economy continues to grow and new opportunities appear on your horizon? Are you facing an ever-increasing list of actions you want to take to move your company forward? So many choices and they are all good!

Leadership author, John Maxwell, says, “Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.” In reality, less is more. But how and what do you say yes to? If you can habitually answer “yes” to the following questions, your company is well on its way to being successful and leveraging the power of priorities.

What a soldier on a plane taught me about perspective.

Perspective – Point of view – A different lens to see something new. I am always looking for new ways to understand and manage challenges, both personal and professional. In my work, my clients STRESS over business, career, and relationships – you name it. And the inevitable question is how to deal with stress?

I recently came across a great blog by Jon Acuff on perspective and stress. Jon Acuff is a New York Times Bestselling author. His blog titled “What a soldier on a plane taught me about perspective” really hit home with me.