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Strategic Clarity.  REAL strategic clarity is your full understanding of what is important to your company and how to achieve it within the reality of your industry and environment. It drives everything in your company.  It is essential for you to get great results.

Here are some indicators of poor or insufficient strategic clarity. Discuss these at your next leadership team meeting.  How many of these affect you or the people in your company?

  • Priorities and goals jump around at a moments notice
  • Team members cannot state their top few priorities, let alone those of your company
  • The tail often wags the dog – new ideas and events derail your current plans
  • New initiatives are launched before current projects are completed
  • There are too many priorities, which means there are no priorities
  • Urgency wins over importance
  • There is no framework that allows team members to use their own judgment

Your organization needs strategic clarity and a 1000-day action plan. You want everyone on the same page about:

  • Your purpose (the WHY) and your vision (the ultimate goal). This should fit on a napkin.
  • No more than three simple strategic priorities that advance your organization toward your goal, aligning with purpose. These should fit on the back of that napkin.
  • A 100-day (near term) plan of action tied to each priority and a 1000-day plan of action with benchmarks for quarterly review. This should fit on one sheet of paper (maybe two) if you stay at the strategic level.
  • Over simplified? No. Easy? No.

Next Steps.  With your strategic clarity in place, what follows is all about execution.  We are radically focused on helping you achieve break-through results in all of the following areas:

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