About You, Us, and Our Relationship

David Paul Carter, MBA
The Clarity Guy™

Our Profile.
David Paul Carter Consulting LLC is a business consulting and coaching company.

We are radically focused on helping you gain strategic clarity about your company’s future, decide on your highest impact growth strategies, and lead with extraordinary impact to implement and execute them effectively achieving growth.

Our strengths include ideation-making connections between things others do not see, adaptability-developing multiple alternatives in the moment, futuristic-seeing things others do not, and connecting the dots for your strategy and growth.

The result? Our working relationship will lead to your company being worth more than when we entered!

How We Stand Out.
Ask our clients why they engage us and your top answers will be:

Experience Matrix. We bring a multifaceted background to your table incorporating deep experience in business strategy consulting, entrepreneurial business ownership, senior corporate management, and international business markets. We’ve been there .. done that. See my professional profile here.

Approach. You get a consultant who is free ranging, open to new ideas and outside the box in approach.  Most importantly, you get a consultant whose mission is completely focused on you and not bound to any one program, philosophy or set of ideas. Learn more.

Our toolbox is vast.  We bring all we have learned, read or practiced from broad based business experiences and strategy consulting. This enables us to apply the right tools to your problems and challenges rather than a one size fits all approach.

Free 2-hour Strategy Session.  Are we a right fit?  Like you, my clients have all experienced many different consultants and advisors where they did not get the results they were looking for.  That’s why I invite you and your leadership team to meet with me for a free 2-hour strategy session.  During that time we will discuss fit, and how to supercharge your strategy, competitive advantage, and growth potential. Schedule Now!

The CarterReport Blog.
This is my personal blog. It is focused on helping you achieve Clarity, Strategy, and Growth in your business.  My mission is to help you see the future, work with greater focus and lead with extraordinary impact. Check it out!